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While working at 10/Half Studios, I served as the lead designer for the Vastly corporate identity. Vastly, a company based in Charlottesville, Virginia, creates quality, eco-friendly paper products and fertilizer upcycled from renewable wheat straw, making everyday products an investment in a better tomorrow. 

I wrote copy and designed the logo, identity guidelines, custom icon set, and product packaging during my time working on this project. 
The logo embodies the Vastly vision of creating industry in harmony with nature. The Vastly V embraces and protects nature, symbolized by the five shapes which represent petals, leaves, grains, and raindrops. The sans serif and blocky characters suggest the rigorous planning of Vastly industry while the organic shapes add movement and a sense of growth and nature. The two are in harmony in this wordmark, underscoring the vision that Vastly has to unite nature and industry.

The logo also visually references the primary industry, the process of making sustainable products from post-harvest wheat stalks, and suggests the agricultural foundation and relationships on which the company was built. 

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