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Nomad Lab is a mobile exhibition and performance laboratory for dialogue, education, and emerging ideas featuring works by NYU Abu Dhabi’s arts faculty. The projects showcased involve explorations of reconfiguration, mobility, and transformation: increasingly important concepts in this unprecedented era of global movement and change. I designed this identity and collateral for a group exhibition put on by NYU Abu Dhabi's Visual Arts faculty and staff at Quoz Fest in January 2020 (Dubai, UAE). The identity reflected the experimental, DIY nature of the work and provided a unifying structure for the show. Illustrations by Anna Kurkova were featured in the program. 

I created a custom typeface for the logo composed of the same parts reassembled into different letters. The collateral included artwork labels, a flyer, and wooden signage. The Nomad Lab project also encompassed an earlier show, This is Going to Hurt, for which I designed the retrospective book in the same style.  

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