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Identity, web

NYUAD DESIGN is a collection of some of the best design work and thinking done at New York University Abu Dhabi, with a special focus on student work. I initiated and art-directed this microsite in my role as an Instructor of the Arts in Design at NYUAD, mentoring a series of student editors through the process of designing, curating, documenting, and publishing this design work.

"The project aims to generate more awareness among the NYUAD community about design work done on campus, as well as showing the vigor and quality of our work to the public.

The layout website is organized in a grid structure, which is reminiscent of Adobe InDesign and the designer's obsession with lining things up. We also strive to make the website a unique digital experience, as opposed to an existing exhibition or a forthcoming design editorial in print, by designing the site with signature digital characteristics: dark mode, mono typefaces, and colors only available on screen such as neon green, blue, and pink." (from designer Ven)

This site is a continuous and experimental work in progress, compiled by students, and updates regularly under my management.

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