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Putting for Pleasure and Politics (NYUAD)


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Putting for Pleasure & Politics, a group exhibition put on by NYU Abu Dhabi's Visual Arts faculty at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, required an identity that could be applied to collateral that advertised and navigated the show. This playable sculpture garden is comprised of individual artworks that each explore a contemporary social issue through the inherent absurdity of mini-golf. For participants, immersing oneself in a round of mini golf provides a coherent, if slightly disturbing, sense of a contemporary world impacted and misshapen by our human desires, follies, and behaviors.

The graphic needed to introduce this inherent tension between form and content without giving too much away. I chose to subvert the stereotypical "windmill" image of a mini-golf course by designing each blade to represent an aspect of contemporary social issues: a playful reference on first glance and a sobering illustration on further inspection, like the project itself. This identity was further applied to "scorecards," advertising postcards, environmental displays, and the navigational signage of the course itself.

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